Lychee Pearls

Recipes by T πŸ€

Ingredients, makes 20 pearls

20 fresh Lychees
100gm paneer
1tbsp Rosewater
1 cup freshly grated coconut
50gm milk powder
2tsp cardamom powder
4tbsp condensed milk
1cup milk, preferably high fat
1tbsp ghee

*Remove the lychee shell and slit it to deseed them
*Mix in a bowl paneer, 1tsp cardamom powder and Rosewater
*Stuff the mixture in the Lychees gently
*Leave it covered minimum 4hrs or overnight in the fridge

Coconut Rabdi
*In a pan heat ghee, add coconut
*Saute for 4 to 5 min on slow flame
*Add remaining cardamom powder
*Add milk powder
*Add condensed milk
*Add milk continuously stirring the mix

Once the consistency is thick enough to pour, cool the rabdi.

Pour the rabdi evenly on the lychee pearls and keep it covered again for minimum 4 hours in the fridge.

Sprinkle ground Pista powder and it’s ready to eat.

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“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.” -Khalil Gibson

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