Virus – Boon or Curse!

The title reminds me of my school days when pretty much till my 10th standard we were given an essay to write, example, Plastic: Boon or Curse!  This essay writing taught me to look at the situation from both the sides and then apply it logically.

With the current virus situation, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the same thought for the last few weeks, especially in the last one week of lockdown, that, what is this virus doing to us besides making us very ill that we could possibly loose our life and what happens to us in the future?

As I reflected further on I noticed, underlying all of this, there was a sense of jubilation of having been enforced with time and space to think, to be and reconnect without explaining myself to anyone.

As the situation deepens and more information overload is happening, I’m slowly disconnecting with things which don’t matter, my prejudices, fears, insecurities and anxieties about the future, because today the future is looking very fluid and for someone like me who needs all dots connected, this has been the most difficult transition, to just be in this moment and be grateful.

Another thing I’ve discovered, I’m feeling guilt free, free to be at home without feeling I have to be constantly busy doing something, somewhere, meeting someone and just not being me!

Cooking, gardening, pottering at home, meditating, exercising are all of my relaxants and today I’m able to do them absolutely guilt free and without checking the clock against some other not so important commitments/event I have to participate in or attend.


I’ve disassociated with groups of people who are on the fringes yet with social media became, friends and acquaintances. I have rediscovered some old friendships which had grown distant and now are back with a deeper connect, adding meaning to life again.

I continue refining, reconnecting and reworking myself so that I’m able to fulfill all my roles with grace and poise always. My constant prayer is for all to be safe and healthy and finally it’s up to each one of us to decide if this virus is a boon or curse!!

At the end of the day, Pray, Eat, Love is what remains with us and makes us complete.

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